March 1 - 14

white day selections

March 14 is White Day in Japan, a day to send sweets and gifts in return for Valentine’s Day gifts.

At Palace Hotel Tokyo, the pastry chef and chocolatier have come together to create elaborate and thoughtful items to send and enjoy with your loved ones.

Stop by at Pastry Shop Sweets & Deli to take a look for yourself, or purchase at the Palace Hotel Tokyo Online Shop. For inquiries and reservations, please call +81-3-3211-5320.

*Reservations to start from February 15 (Wed.).
*All prices are inclusive of consumption tax.

*Online Shop is in Japanese only, and shippings are available only within Japan.
*Some items are limited in number.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli White Day 2023 Boite de Fruits et Chocolats H2
Boîte de Fruits et Chocolats
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli White Day 2023 Louis Roederer Rose Chocolats H2
Louis Roederer Rosé & Chocolats

Boîte de Fruits et Chocolats | JPY 20,000
Colorful semi-dried fruits and chocolate truffles are set in a two-tiered box. Fruits covered with white, blonde, milk, dark and raspberry chocolate are set in the top box, while dark chocolate and raspberry truffles are arranged meticulously in the bottom.
*Boîte de Fruits et Chocolats is available at Sweets & Deli only.

Louis Roederer Rosé & Chocolats | JPY 11,000
A box set of a Louis Roederer Rosé Vintage Champagne and chocolate bonbons made by our chocolatier, including a Champagne-flavored heart-shaped bonbon with a refined sweetness.

Fraises Chantilly | JPY 8,000
This 15 cm (5.9 in) round cake was inspired by The Palace Lounge’s ever-popular Strawberry Trio Parfait, topped with a swan made of white chocolate and featuring three varieties of branded strawberries selected by the pastry chef best suited for the season.
*Available March 12 (Sun.) through 14 (Tue.).
*Reservations required three days in advance.
*Available only for pickup at Sweets & Deli.

Cake Pistache au Chocolat | JPY 6,000
A cake with a light mouthfeel accented with various textures of roasted pistachio, hazelnut chocolate praline and crunchy feuillentine mixed inside. The rich aroma of pistachio and chocolate spreads with each bite.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli White Day 2023 Fraises Chantilly H2
Fraises Chantilly
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli White Day 2023 Cake Pistache au Chocolat H2
Cake Pistache au Chocolat
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli White Day 2023 Fukiyose H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli White Day 2023 Tablette de Chocolat II H2
Tablette de Chocolat

An assortment of 6 kinds of cookies – cacao, matcha, raspberry, chocolate chip, vanilla and coffee – the last in the shape of an owl said to bring good fortune.

Tablette de Chocolat | JPY 2,500
A chocolate bar abundantly decorated with various nut including Sicilian hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios. Enjoy the fragrant harmony of rich chocolate and aromatic nuts.

Chiyo Choco ~2023 edition~ | JPY 3,800
Palace Hotel Tokyo is delighted to introduce a new take on its signature Chiyo Choco, designed in collaboration with Japanese illustrator Rooo Lou.

The exclusively designed 2023 limited edition depicts various characters in and around the hotel – from guests from overseas to hotel staff, and an adorable swan from the adjacent moat.

Featuring a variety of flavors ranging from 33% to 70% cacao, the 2mm-thin chocolates are all stylishly packaged in a chic album-style presentation.

* Available year-round

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Chiyo Choco edition 2023 Rooo Lou Collaboration H2
Chiyo Choco ~2023 edition~
Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Tablette de Chocolat H2
Tablette de Chocolat by Esterre

Tablette de Chocolat by Esterre | JPY 3,460
Roasted cacao nibs, feuilletine, black rice puffs, and hazelnuts praline are coated with 75% chocolate. The bitterness of the cacao matches perfectly with the crisp texture.

*Available year-round at French Restaurant Esterre and Pastry Shop Sweets & Deli, or February 15 – March 7 through our Online Shop.

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evian Spa Tokyo

treatment gift certificate

Gift Certificates enable you to reserve a specific body treatment for an especially important someone.

Selectable Body Treatment Certificates | JPY 34,155 | 90 minutes
Reserve your choice of Celestial, Circulation, or Stress Release treatments.

Available February 1 (Wed.) through March 14 (Thu.)

*Available at evian SPA TOKYO (5F) or the Palace Hotel Tokyo Online Shop.
*Valid for use six months from purchase date.
*Price is inclusive of consumption tax and 15% service charge.

Please call +81 (3) 3211 5298 or email to request an appointment.

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Palace Hotel Tokyo evian SPA TOKYO Valentines Day 2022 Gift Certificate H2
Selectable Body Treatment Gift Certificate