At GO, the freshest bounty from land and sea – including lobster, abalone and the finest Japanese beef – are sliced, seared and served up on two expansive teppanyaki grills table-side.

Each of the two teppanyaki grills occupy separately enclosed spaces within Wadakura to offer optimum privacy for groups of up to 6 and 8.

Ideal for hosting private gatherings and impressing your guests with the masterful culinary performance of our seasoned chefs.

*Please refrain from casual clothing such as beach sandals and men’s sleeveless shirts. Guests in casual attire may be asked to refrain from entering the restaurant.
*Children 7 years old and older are welcome to dine with us.

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LOCATION | 6th Floor
Inside Wadakura

DRESS CODE | Smart Casual

SEATS | 8 & 6

T: +81 3 3211 5322
E: wadakura@palacehotel.jp

Palace Hotel Tokyo Teppanyaki GO Entrance T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo GO Winter 2021 Japanese Beef H2


*All prices are inclusive of 10% service charge and consumption tax.
*Menus and prices are subject to change without notice.

palace hotel tokyo 10th anniversary

May 17, 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Palace Hotel Tokyo.
Enjoy these menus in celebration of this special occasion.

10th Anniversary Prix Fixe Dinner | From JPY 24,200
Highly regarded for being tender and delicious, Olive-fed Wagyu Beef is produced in Kagawa, and fed with ‘Olive feed’ – the pulp of olives after being pressed for olive oil.

Available April 1 (Fri.) through May 31 (Tue.)

*Inclusive of consumption tax and 10% service charge.

Palace Hotel Tokyo GO 10th Anniversary Olive fed Beef H2
10th Anniversary | Olive-fed Wagyu Beef Dinner
Palace Hotel Tokyo GO Spring 2022 Kaori Course H2

March 1 - May 31

a taste of spring

A Full Sensory Experience of Spring

Spring sea bream is grilled with a stuffing of seafood dumplings. When the cherry leaves are peeled away from the plump cherry-colored scales, a fluttering of dried blossoms scents the air, delivering a full sensory experience of spring.

Harukaze Lunch | From JPY 10,890
Includes an appetizer, salad, sea bream wrapped with steamed dumpling, grilled vegetables and Wagyu sirloin 100g as well as your choice of fried garlic or steamed rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, and dessert with coffee or tea.

Kaori Dinner | From JPY 25,410
Includes an appetizer, Olive Pork cutlet, salad, grilled scorpion fish and steamed clam, abalone and sea urchin, grilled vegetables, and Wagyu sirloin or filet as well as your choice of fried garlic or seasonal rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, and dessert with coffee or tea.

Yonezawa Beef Menu | From JPY 29,040

*Inclusive of consumption tax and 10% service charge.


a taste of summer

Depths of Flavor, Enhanced by a Rock Salt Plate

Tender and brimming with savory flavor, Wagyu, prepared on the spot, provides sustenance to thrive in the summer heat. A serving slab of mineral-rich Andes rock salt encourages the guest to customize the taste of every bite.

Ryusui Lunch | from JPY 9,900

Kaze Dinner | from JPY 23,100

Kobe Beef Menu | from JPY 26,400

*Inclusive of consumption tax and subject to an additional 15% service charge.

Palace Hotel Tokyo GO Summer 2022 Kaze H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo GO Japanese Beef H2

special kaiseki

Until May 31 (Tue.): Special Kaiseki Ryu | JPY 60,500
*Inclusive of consumption tax and 10% service charge.
From June 1 (Wed.): Special Kaiseki Ryu | JPY 55,000
*Inclusive of consumption tax and subject to an additional 15% service charge.

A special kaiseki course beautifully presented with the season’s delicacies.

*Please reserve at least three days in advance.
*Cancellations must be received by 5:00 pm (local time) three days prior to the day of reservation. Cancellations after that will incur a charge of JPY 5,500 per person for lunch and JPY 11,000 per person for dinner reservations.
*Due to limited supply, please inquire quantities upon reservation.


Cancellations of lunch reservations must be received by 11:30 am (local time), and  dinner reservations by 5:30 pm (local time) on the day of reservation.

No-shows and cancellations received after the above noted times will incur a charge of JPY 5,500 per person for lunch and JPY 11,000 per person for dinner reservations.

And to ensure the timely accommodation of punctual guests, arrivals more than 30 minutes past the original time reserved will also be considered cancelled.

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