Named for the eponymous moat outside its windows, Wadakura pays tribute to Japan’s cuisine in four distinct areas – tempura at Tatsumi, teppanyaki at GO, sushi at Sushi Kanesaka and kaiseki in its main dining room.

Meticulously designed, the signature restaurant’s interiors are as inspired as its menus, from the textured walls elegantly crafted by master plasterer Naoki Kusumi to the intricate naguri-style woodwork on the floors of the beautifully appointed tatami-style private dining areas.

Please refer to the separate listings for Tatsumi, GO and Sushi Kanesaka for details on Wadakura’s individual outlets.

*Prices are subject to service charge and consumption tax.

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LOCATION | 6th Floor

DRESS CODE | Business casual

SEATS | 78
9 private dining rooms

T: +81 3 3211 5322
E: wadakura@palacehotel.jp

Palace Hotel Tokyo Exclusive 1 1 1 Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo Sake T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakura Private Dining Tatami Style H2


*Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax.
*Menus and prices are subject to change without notice

June 1 - August 31

savoring the bounty of clear-flowing streams

The summer kaiseki course features ayu (sweetfish), a prized seasonal delicacy.

Brand-name Tenryu Ayu is raised with care along the Tenryu River in Nagano Prefecture.

Savor its fragrant, delicate white flesh, balanced by the riverine bitterness of the entrails.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakura Summer 2020 Suzumi T2
Suzumi for Summer
Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakura Summer 2020 Tenryu Ayu T2
Tenryu Ayu
Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakura Summer 2020 Kagoshima Eel H2
Kagoshima Eel

Suzumi for Summer | JPY 22,000
A full-course presentation of summer flavors including a choice of eel on rice or sukiyaki-style hotpot prepared with Ohmi beef.

Kagoshima Eel in a Lacquer Box | JPY 9,000
Grilled unagi (freshwater eel) served over rice with traditional condiments.
*As each portion is cooked to order, some time may be required for preparation.

private dining

In addition to its main dining area, Wadakura features nine beautifully appointed private dining rooms.

Available with western-style and Japanese-style seating, the fully enclosed spaces are ideal for hosting intimate gatherings.

Seating capacities range from 2 to 10.

Room usage fees range from JPY 5,000 to JPY 20,000.

Please contact us for more details.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakura Private Dining Room Western style H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakuras Autumn 2019 Ingredients H2


Cancellations of lunch reservations must be received by 11:30 am (local time), and  dinner reservations by 5:30 pm (local time) on the day of reservation.

Cancellations of private room reservations must be received by 10:00 pm (local time) one day prior.

No-shows and cancellations received after the above noted times will incur a charge of JPY 5,000 per person for lunch and JPY 10,000 per person for dinner reservations.

And to ensure the timely accommodation of punctual guests, arrivals more than 30 minutes past the original time reserved will also be considered cancelled.