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sweets & deli

At Sweets & Deli, Palace Hotel Tokyo’s very own cake and pastry shop, the chocolates are homemade and the breads freshly baked. Indeed, many of the sweets, breads and pastries found in the hotel’s various restaurants and lounges can be found here.

It also offers a wide selection of homemade delicacies beautifully packaged to deliver as a gift or bring home as an edible memento of your stay.

 Hours:Click here for details.
 Location:B1 Level
 Telephone:+81 3 3211 5315


*All prices are inclusive of consumption tax.

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Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Confitures HT2

In an effort to help conserve natural resources, cutlery will only be available at charge.

Forks, knives, spoons | JPY 20 each (inclusive of tax)

Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets DelIs Chiyo Choco T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Winter 2021 Breads H2

December 1 - February 28

a taste of winter

Shapes and Colors That Say “Delectable”

Apple crumb cake combining apple sauce, compote and fresh apple filling is a seasonal recommendation. Or try a croissant filled with smoked salmon, vegetables and mushrooms lightly sauced with Béarnaise.
Obviously delicious, at a glance.

New Breads

Couches de Chocolat | JPY 440
A cocoa-flavored crispy Danish pastry filled with chocolate fondant, blackcurrant, caramel and macadamia nuts.

Saumon en Croute | JPY 710
A croissant filled with smoked salmon, vegetables and mushrooms lightly sauced with Béarnaise.

Apple Crumb Cake | JPY 980
Enjoy the three different apple fillings: paste, compôte and fresh.

Special Strawberry Danish | JPY 1,080
A Danish pastry soaked in strawberry syrup, topped with light custard cream and abundant strawberries.

Strawberry Sweets

Puits d’Amour aux Fraises | JPY 1,410
The traditional French pastry with a strawberry twist.

Blanche | JPY 920
Yuzu and mascarpone cheese cake is accented with a tangy sweet strawberry gelée.

Opéra Rouge | JPY 920
Strawberry butter cream and strawberry milk ganache layered with almond sponge cake.

Mignon | JPY 920
A pistachio and strawberry cake with caramelized strawberries.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Winter 2021 Strawberry Pastries H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Winter 2021 Pain de Mie Premier Gianduja T2
Pain de Mie Premier with Gianduja
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Winter 2021 Galette de Rois T2
Galette des Rois

Galette des Rois | JPY 3,890
Available January 1 (Sat.) through 15 (Sat.), 2022

A classic French cake celebrating Epiphany. The simple treat of puff pastry and almond filling is made with meticulous care.

Pain de Mie Premier with Gianduja | JPY 1,400
Available February 1 (Tue.) through March 14 (Mon.), 2022

A seasonal version of our signature premium bread Pain de Mie Premier made with rare wheat flour from Hokkaido. Enjoy the roasted aroma of hazelnut and chocolate along with tangy yuzu confit.


christmas treats

Delicious and beautiful cakes bring joy and laughter to the festive season.
*Reservations are required and accepted from October 1 (Fri.) to 3 days prior to date of pickup.
*Limited in number.

Poinsettia | JPY 75,600
Sure to be the highlight of your special gathering, this 52cm-high cake with 100 Skyberry-branded strawberries is a crimson beauty blooming in the snowy white chocolate.

Sapin | JPY 8,700
A Christmas tree shaped cake with chocolate mousse, tropical fruit cream and gelée.

Père Noël | JPY 16,200
An adorable Santa Claus chocolate hides layers of cheese mousse, strawberry cream and raspberry gelée, with generously topped mixed berries adding to the fun.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2021 Poinsettia III T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2021 Pere Noel T2
Père Noël
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2021 Bouleau II T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2021 Decoration T2

Bouleau | JPY 14,100
A round white chocolate box in the image of a white birch opens to reveal a traditional marjolaine cake, bringing joy to your table.

Bûche de Noël | JPY 7,600
A roulade made 100% with rice powder, without wheat or eggs. The aroma of cacao spreads in your mouth.
*Does not contain wheat or eggs, but made in the same kitchen as other wheat / egg containing products.

Décoration | JPY 1,700
These edible Christmas ornaments are delightful treats for yourself. Cheese mousse and berries in red or chocolate and tropical fruit cream in white, try your preferred taste in this petit gâteau just for you.

Supérieur | φ15cm JPY 10,800 / φ18cm JPY 13,000
A premium strawberry shortcake decorated lavishly with Skyberry-branded strawberries from Tochigi, with whipped cream from Hokkaido and brown sugar from Okinawa.

Christmas Cake by ESTERRE | φ15cm JPY 9,800
Following the philosophy of the restaurant to embrace the natural flavors of the terroir, high-quality blackcurrant and chestnut from Japan are combined with Tahitian vanilla to create this treat with less sugar, salt and fat.

Sweets Delis Christmas 2018 Superieur Strawberry Cake T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2021 Christmas Cake by ESTERRE T2
Christmas Cake by ESTERRE
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Delis 2017 Christmas Mont Blanc T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Delis 2017 Christmas Gateau aux Fraises T2

December 21-25

classics re-imagined

Mont-Blanc  | JPY 9,200
Palace Hotel’s traditional Marron Chantilly using chestnuts that are carefully strained and smooth whipped cream is transformed this holiday season from its otherwise dainty size into an impressive “mountain of snow.”

Gâteau aux Fraises | φ12cm JPY 4,400 / φ15cm JPY 5,400
This strawberry shortcake resembling a flower covered in powdered snow uses an abundance of strawberries flavored with Kirsch.


festive breads

Sweets & Deli’s array of breads during the festive season will include:

  • Traditional Stollen filled with dried fruits including raisins, apples and cranberries, and finished off generously with a layer of powdered sugar.
  • Bohnen Stollen made with kinako (soy bean flour) and filled with chestnuts, yuzu-flavored marzipan and several kinds of beans.
  • Kaga Hojicha (roasted green tea) Stollen with Dainagon beans and white chocolate, with raspberries to accent.
  • Opéra Stollen combining Cacao-TraceTM verified chocolate and cacao powder, paying homage to the cake, Opéra. *Limited to 300 loaves
  • A specialty bread from the Alsace region of France, Berawecka en Saucisson is filled abundantly with dried fruits and nuts.
  • Berawecka Rouge en Saucisson with pear and red wine-soaked red fruits including strawberries, cranberries, and red raisins.
  • An Italian bread prepared and enjoyed for Christmas, Il Panettone is made delightfully with the rich flavor of butter and eggs.

* Reservations accepted from October 1 (Fri.)

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2021 Stollen Berawecka H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Chiyo Choco 2022 V H2
Chiyo Choco ~2022 edition~

Chiyo Choco ~2022 edition~ | JPY 3,780
Available January 1 (Sat.) through December 31 (Sat.), 2022

Palace Hotel Tokyo is delighted to introduce a new take on its signature chiyo choco designed in collaboration with Japanese illustrator Takashi Kawakami.

In commemoration of the hotel celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the exclusively designed 2022 limited edition depicts a journey from various countries to Japan and the following sojourn at Palace Hotel Tokyo in 6 images.

Featuring a variety of flavors ranging from 32% to 70% cacao, the 2mm-thin chocolates are all stylishly packaged in a chic album-style presentation.

*Subject to availability.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Chiyo Choco 2022 VI H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Chiyo Choco 2022 VII H2