The Pastry Shop

sweets & deli

At Sweets & Deli, Palace Hotel Tokyo’s very own cake and pastry shop, the chocolates are homemade and the breads freshly baked.

Indeed, many of the sweets, breads and pastries found in the hotel’s various restaurants and lounges can be found here.

It also offers a wide selection of homemade delicacies beautifully packaged to deliver as a gift or bring home as an edible memento of your stay.

Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets & Deli – Jams & Juice – T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets & DelI’s Chiyo Choco – T2
Hours:10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Location:B1 Level
Delights:Seasonal breads, pastries & sweets
Telephone:+81 3 3211 5315
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summer breads & pastries

This season’s array of sweets & savories include:

  • Gâteau Brioche Citron – melty smooth gâteau brioche in a refreshing lemon flavor
  • Agrumes – summer orange and two kinds of grapefruit with almond cream in a danish
  • Kouglof Salé – edamame & chorizo mixed inside a sun-dried tomato & onion-flavored dough, topped with cheese
  • Focaccia Margherita – pizza-like focaccia with green vegetables and beans
  • Passion Fromage – a tangy passion fruit cake decorated with cheese cream
  • Caramel d’abricot – almond blanc-manger covered with caramel-flavored apricot mousse
  • Ange – a tropical mix of rhubarb, framboise jelly and coconut praline

Also debuting this season are these breads…

Low Carbohydrate Multigrain Bread | JPY 400
Made mainly with soy flour with a mix of rye, brown rice, adlay and black sesame, carbohydrate is reduced by 80% compared to the regular baguette in this bread recommended for the health conscious.

Lobster Curry Bread | JPY 500
A flavorful curry of Béchamel sauce with lobster and jus de homard.

Duck Confit Curry Bread | JPY 500
Duck confit curry inside a bread baked and fried with duck oil.

* Curry breads are available from August 1.


signature chiyo choco | 2019 edition

Palace Hotel Tokyo is delighted to debut a new take on its signature chiyo choco with a limited edition series designed in collaboration with popular Japanese graphic designer & illustrator Shogo Sekine.

Distinctly marked by vivid colors and the incorporation of fashion icons, floral and fauna patterns, and original typography, Sekine’s work can often be spotted in fashion and textile designs, advertisements, magazines as well as space design.

The eye-catching 2019 series of chiyo choco exclusively designed for Sweets & Deli features a variety of chocolate flavors – from fruity to nutty – and ranges from 37% to 71% cacao. All stylishly packaged in a chic album-style presentation.

Price: JPY 3,000 per set

Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets & Deli 1-1-1 Sake Cake – H2

A Signature Specialty

壱ノ壱ノ壱 sake cake

Sweets & Deli is the only place in Japan where you can purchase an original 壱ノ壱ノ壱 (ichi-no-ichi-no-chi) sake cake. The one-of-a-kind creation is infused with the our signature 1-1-1 (壱ノ壱ノ壱) Junmai Ginjo sake exclusively made for Palace Hotel Tokyo by Hakkaisan Brewery. JPY 3,600 per cake.

While the special sake beverage, itself, is available for consumption only at the hotel (due to its availability in very limited quantities), the cake version makes for a tasteful and original Palace Hotel Tokyo momento to gift and share with others or to simply bring home for your own enjoyment.

*The cake measures 5 cm. wide x 27.5 cm. long x 5.5 cm. tall

Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets & Deli V – T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets & Deli – Macaroons – II – T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets & Deli – Macaroons – IV – T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets & Deli – Macaroons – III – T2