The Pastry Shop

sweets & deli

At Sweets & Deli, Palace Hotel Tokyo’s very own cake and pastry shop, the chocolates are homemade and the breads freshly baked. Indeed, many of the sweets, breads and pastries found in the hotel’s various restaurants and lounges can be found here.

It also offers a wide selection of homemade delicacies beautifully packaged to deliver as a gift or bring home as an edible memento of your stay.

Hours: 10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Location: B1 Level
Telephone: +81 3 3211 5315

*All prices are inclusive of consumption tax.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Confitures HT2

In an effort to help conserve natural resources, cutlery will only be available at charge.

Forks, knives, spoons | JPY 20 each (inclusive of tax)

Palace Hotel Tokyo - Sweets & Deli - Chiyo Choco
Palace Hotel Tokyo - Sweets & Deli - Spring 2024 - New Pastries
Spring Pastries

March 1 - May 31

a taste of spring

Western-style Confectionery Infused with Japanese Aesthetics

A cake with the refreshing scent and delicate shades of spring.
Dough, mousse, and syrup are made with yomogi, an essential for springtime sweets.
Glutinous matcha gyuhi and lentil jelly simmered in wasanbon sugar add texture and flavor to the colorful layers, representing all the elements of Japanese sweets.

Armoise | JPY 900

New Pastries

Café d’Épices | JPY 950
Clair | JPY 850
Tarte aux Figues | JPY 1,080

New Breads

Pain au Lait Matcha | JPY 400
Sweet azuki beans and matcha almond cream enveloped in a fragrant milk bread.
Asparagus, Ham & Egg Croissant | JPY 650
A hearty croissant sandwich baked with cheese and mayonnaise.
Whitebait & Kujo Leek Pizza | JPY 650 (1/4 slice)
Whitebait and Kujo leek marinated with aromatic sesame oil, topped with perilla leaves.

Palace Hotel Tokyo - Sweets & Deli - Spring 2024 - New Breads
Spring Breads
Palace Hotel Tokyo - Sweets & Deli - Spring 2024 - Sakura Selections
Sablé Chocolat Fraise
Palace Hotel Tokyo - Sweets & Deli - Spring 2024 - Sakura Selections
Sakura & Matcha Anpan / Domyoji Sakura Anpan

March 15 - April 15

sakura selections

Cherry Blossoms Usher in Spring Flavors

Savor the season of cherry blossoms with a lineup of spring pink pastries and breads.

Sakura Pastries

Sablé Chocolat Fraise | JPY 1,800 *Sold out
Verrine au Sakura | JPY 900
Fraise Pistache | JPY 900
Sakura & Matcha Anpan | JPY 450
Domyoji Sakura Anpan | JPY 450
Sakura Crunch
| JPY 920 (3 pieces) *Sold out
Sake Cake Ichi-no-ichi-no-ichi “Sakura” | JPY 4,000

View More Sakura Selections

~2024 edition~

chiyo choco

Palace Hotel Tokyo is delighted to introduce a new take on its signature Chiyo Choco, designed in collaboration with Japanese illustrator Lulu Kouno.

The exclusively designed 2024 limited edition features various illustrations and designs relating to the hotel – from an adorable swan from the adjacent moat to the Tamukeyama maple tree just outside the lobby.

Featuring a variety of flavors ranging from 32% to 70% cacao, the 2mm-thin chocolates are stylishly packaged in a chic album-style presentation.

Chiyo Choco ~2024 edition~ | JPY 3,800

Available from January 1 (Mon.) through December 31 (Tue.), 2024

Palace Hotel Tokyo - Sweets & Deli Valentine