The Pastry Shop

sweets & deli

At Sweets & Deli, Palace Hotel Tokyo’s very own cake and pastry shop, the chocolates are homemade and the breads freshly baked.

Indeed, many of the sweets, breads and pastries found in the hotel’s various restaurants and lounges can be found here.

It also offers a wide selection of homemade delicacies beautifully packaged to deliver as a gift or bring home as an edible memento of your stay.

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Location: B1 Level
Delights: Seasonal breads, pastries & sweets
Telephone: +81 3 3211 5315

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December 1 - February 28

a taste of winter

Winter Fruits Take Center Stage

Tempting winter sweets include Cube Noir, a combination of dark chocolate and cassis accented with ripe banana.
Fruity Cube Blanc is a confection of French cheese sponge cake, gelée of yuzu citron and mango, pineapple sauté and coconut shortbread.

Winter Breads

Chicken Mustard Cream | JPY 400
Three kinds of mushrooms and chicken stewed in mustard cream sauce is wrapped in Danish pastry.

Kouglof Salé | JPY 400
Enjoy the taste of chorizo, peas and dough with semi-dried tomato and olive dough.

Almond Danish | JPY 600
Danish that contains cream cheese and apricot filling comes full of almond cream and sliced almonds.

Chocolat Baguette | JPY 350
Bittersweet black cocoa mixed with the sweetness of fruits and chocolates and the nutty flavor is recommended for those with an acquired taste.

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New Pastries

Japonesque | JPY 650
Made of Japanese ingredients such as Hojicha (roasted green tea) sponge, roasted soy flour sablé and black sesame ganache.

Carmin | JPY 650
Sponge soaked in strawberry syrup is wrapped in white chocolate mousse and covered with red currant jelly.

Cube Noir | JPY 800
A cube-shaped cake using chocolates and cassis. Fully ripened banana is used as an accent.

Cube Blanc | JPY 800
A cube-shaped cake using cheese flavored sponge, yuzu and mango jelly, sautéed pineapples and coconut sablé.

Jardin | JPY 650
A mild flavored lemon sponge covered in cream cheese mousse.

Gallete des Rois | JPY 3,600
Available January 1 (Fri.) through January 15 (Fri.)

Galette des Rois is a traditional French cake known as the “King Cake.”
A paper crown comes with the cake, and a small porcelain or plastic charm, the “fève”, is hidden inside. The person who finds the fève in their slice is crowned king or queen for the day.

*The fève is set beside the cake.

Chiyo Choco ~2021 edition~ | JPY 3,100
Available January 1 (Fri.) through December 31 (Fri.)

Palace Hotel Tokyo is delighted to feature a new take on its signature chiyo choco with a limited edition series designed in collaboration with popular Japanese illustrator WALNUT.
The eye-catching 2021 series of chiyo choco exclusively designed for Sweets & Deli features a variety of chocolate flavors, all stylishly packaged in a chic album-style presentation.

*Subject to availability.

Palace Hotel Tokyo SweetsDeli Winter2020 Galette de Rois T2
Galette des Rois
Palace Hotel Tokyo Chiyo Choco 2021 T2
Chiyo Choco ~2021 edition~
Palace Hotel Tokyo SweetsDelis Christmas 2019 Renne T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2020 Chapeau T2


christmas treats

Celebrate the arrival of holiday season with beautifully arranged Christmas cakes made by the hotel’s pastry chef.
*Limited in number. Please reserve at least 3 days in advance.

Renne | JPY 70,000
Meaning “reindeer” in French, this cake illustrates a brave reindeer with white chocolate. With a height of 53 cm and using 100 pieces of “Sky Berry” strawberries, Renne is sure to be the highlight of your special gathering.

Chapeau | JPY 18,000
A notable cake in the shape of a red knit cap. Sponge soaked in strawberry consommé that is wrapped in white chocolate mousse is covered with a tangy flavored rhubarb jelly.

Sapan de Chocolat | JPY 8,500
Meaning ‘fir tree’ in French, this edible Christmas tree is decorated gorgeously with nuts. Enjoy the mellow aroma and rich taste of chocolate mousse and pistachio sponge.

Bois de Noël | JPY 13,000
A modern-style bûche de Noël with rich cream cheese and tart fromage blanc, topped with yuzu cream, chocolate crumble, sphere-shaped mousse and Lamington, symbolizes life born from a decayed tree.

Petit à Petit Vert / Rouge | JPY 1,500
These bright red and deep green cakes are a little delight for yourself. “Rouge” is a combination of white chocolate mousse with a berry biscuit, while “Vert” is of bitter chocolate, griotte and pistachio.

Supérieur | Φ15cm JPY 10,000 / Φ18cm JPY 12,000
A premium strawberry shortcake, decorated lavishly with “Sky Berry” strawberries from Tochigi, uses whipped cream from Hokkaido and brown sugar from Okinawa.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2020 Bois de Noel T2
Bois de Noël
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Christmas 2020 Petit a Petit T2
Petit à Petit Vert / Rouge
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Delis 2017 Christmas Mont Blanc T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Delis 2017 Christmas Gateau aux Fraises T2

December 19-25

classics re-imagined

Mont-Blanc  | JPY 8,000
Palace Hotel’s traditional Marron Chantilly using chestnuts that are carefully strained and smooth whipped cream is transformed this holiday season from its otherwise dainty size into an impressive “mountain of snow.”

Gâteau aux Fraises | Φ12cm JPY 4,000 / Φ15cm JPY 5,000
This strawberry shortcake resembling a flower covered in powdered snow uses an abundance of strawberries flavored with Kirsch.


festive breads

Sweets & Deli’s array of breads during the festive season will include:

  • Traditional Stollen is filled with dried fruits such as raisins, apples and cranberries, and finished with sprinkled powdered sugar.
  • Bohnen Stollen is made with kinako (soy bean flour) and filled with chestnuts, yuzu-flavored marzipan and several kinds of beans.
  • Kaga Hojicha (roasted green tea) Stollen uses a touch Dainagon beans, white chocolate and raspberries as its accent.
  • Praline Stollen combines Satsuma mandarin and Iyokan peels with praline, black sugar and banana flavored marzipan, and is sprinkled with lime flavored powdered sugar. *limited to 300 loaves
  • A specialty bread from the Alsace region of France, Berawecka en Saucisson is filled with dried fruits and nuts.
  • An Italian bread prepared and enjoyed for Christmas, Panettone is delightfully moist and filled with six kinds of fruits soaked in wine.
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