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For those who love to linger and indulge – whether on your own or in good company – evian SPA TOKYO’s Ritual Experiences offer extended pampering and relaxation.

The spa’s perch looking out on to the moats and lush greenery of the Imperial Palace gardens offers an incomparably tranquil urban retreat in the heart of the bustling metropolis that is Tokyo.

Pair your spa visit with an overnight stay for a truly restful and rejuvenating experience. There’s nothing like time to leisurely swim and spa – and enjoy afternoon tea – to help refresh body, mind and soul.

Alternatively, give our Aqua Relaxation Experience a try for the perfecting pairing of water therapy and body treatment to stretch and deeply relax.

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aqua relaxation & spa

For those who enjoy pairing fitness activities with soothing massages, we’re delighted to present our Aqua Relaxation Experience – a combination of water therapy and your choice of body treatments.

Your 60-minute Aqua Relaxation therapy begins with a 10-minute slow-stretching session pool-side before immersing yourself for a 5-minute aqua jog warm-up. With water acting as a very effective source of resistance, 30 minutes of trainer-assisted gentle stretching paired with more active movements then follow, to help improve strength and flexibility while also achieving deep relaxation.

The therapy concludes with a 5-minute Aqua walk cool-down in the pool followed by time to relax in the Jacuzzi before you segue to your body treatment at evian SPA with your choice of a:

  • Celestial Body, A relaxing body treatment tailored to your specific needs soothes body and mind, or
  • Vitalizing Body, A combination of dry and oil treatments makes you energized and revitalized. Recommended for those who prefer firm pressure

The details…


Until May 31 (Tue.):
60-minute Aqua Relaxation + 60-minute spa treatment | JPY 36,300*
60-minute Aqua Relaxation + 90-minute spa treatment | JPY 43,560*
*Inclusive of consumption tax and 10% service charge
From June 1 (Wed.):
60-minute Aqua Relaxation + 60-minute spa treatment | JPY 33,000*
60-minute Aqua Relaxation + 90-minute spa treatment | JPY 39,600*
*Inclusive of consumption tax and subject to an additional 15% service charge


  • Offered only on weekdays (subject to availability)
  • Limited to two groups (of up to two persons each)
  • Restricted to bookings for between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
    (last session to begin at 2:00 pm)

*The Aqua Relaxation Experience must be booked in conjunction with a spa treatment
*Spa treatment options limited to choice of Vitalizing Signature or Celestial Therapy

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