Sushi Kanesaka

At his Marunouchi outpost, Chef Shinji Kanesaka directs a top-flight team of some of the city’s most skilled celebrants of sushi.

Having garnered a Michelin star with his first Sushi Kanesaka in Tokyo’s Ginza district, he went on to debut in Singapore before setting up his second Tokyo sushi outpost inside Palace Hotel’s Wadakura restaurant.

Here, Tokyo sushi is at its best.

*Please refrain from casual clothing such as beach sandals and men’s sleeveless shirts. Guests in casual attire may be asked to refrain from entering the restaurant.
*Please refrain from wearing perfume or cosmetics with heavy fragrances.
*Children 7 years old and older are welcome to dine with us at the main counter.
*Closed on August 7 (Wed.), 2024

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Lunch: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm L.O.
Dinner: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm L.O. (10:00 pm Close)
*Closed on August 7 (Wed.), 2024

LOCATION | 6th Floor
Inside Wadakura

DRESS CODE | Smart Casual

SEATS | 20
1 private dining room for 8

T: +81 3 3211 5323

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sushi Kanesaka III T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sushi Kanesaka H2


*All prices are inclusive of consumption tax and subject to an additional 15% service charge.
*Menus and prices are subject to change without notice.

March 1 - May 31

a taste of spring

Exquisitely Flavored with Salt and Chives

With the coming of spring, horse mackerel grow large and plump.
Freshly filleted, the flesh is whisked in vinegar and then carefully salted to draw out the flavor.
The delicate zest of ground chives combines with the fatty mackerel to create a special flavor profile.

Palace Hotel Tokyo - Kanesaka - Spring 2024 - Horse Mackerel


a taste of summer

The Time to Taste the Finest Sea Urchins

Of the thousands of boxes going up for auction, only a small number are fresh premium sea urchins.
Being fed high-quality kelp, they are rich in flavor with a glossy texture.
Sea-urchin topped gunkan-maki is a unique summer delicacy, the essence of Edomae-style sushi.

about shinji kanesaka

Born in 1972 and having spent more than half his life honing his craft, this sushi shokunin (sushi artisan) is a true master of his trade.

I want to create sushi that is well-balanced, like the Chinese character for ‘1’. The start of the stroke, the whip of the brush, the end of the stroke – all must be well-balanced. I want to make sushi that I personally want to eat.”

~ Shinji Kanesaka

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sushi Kanesaka III H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sushi Kanesaka Tuna Presentation H2


All reservation cancellations must be received by 10:00 pm (local time) one day prior.

No-shows or cancellations received thereafter will incur a charge of JPY 5,500 per person for lunch reservations and JPY 11,000 per person for dinner reservations.

And to ensure the timely accommodation of punctual guests, arrivals of more than 30 minutes past the original time reserved will also be considered cancelled and will be subject to the above charges.


Cancellations must be received by 10:00 pm (local time) one day prior.
Cancellations and changes in the number of guests (resulting in fewer guests) will be subject to above the charges.

* Private dining rooms are subject to an extra charge of JPY 5,500.