Sustainability Concept

omotenashi for the future

How can we capture our guests’ hearts?
This is the question we ponder every day.
Bringing joy to people is what brings us joy.

While keenly observing the needs and desires of our clients at every opportunity, we also look towards the future as we consider our greater responsibility.

How can we positively contribute to the needs of the world?
What are the most pressing issues at the forefront of society today?

Keeping the earth and its sustainability foremost in our minds, we commit to making an effort every day – however seemingly small the task or lofty the ambition.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakura Fountain Park Daytime View H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakura Fountain Park Evening View H2

Being mindful of others, learning from diverse cultures, living in harmony with nature, and valuing our community all make a difference.

As a hospitality company founded in Japan, we cherish our culture and desire to contribute in our own unique way not only to our clients, but also beyond. Not out of obligation, but because it’s our privilege.

This is the omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) that we are wholeheartedly committed to for the sustainability of the earth and the well-being of all people in the future.

three pillars of action

Omotenashi in Service to People

People have, and always will be central to the heart of our business. We aim to not only extend exceptional hospitality and create memorable experiences for our clients, but also for our staff.

Omotenashi in Connection with Society

Recognizing the importance of supporting the needs and well-being of society, we aim to positively contribute to the local communities in which we operate.

Omotenashi in Harmony with Nature

The richness of nature and its sustainability is essential to the prosperity and well-being of the earth’s inhabitants. We aim to always pursue growth and success in harmony with nature.

Our Actions for Sustainability
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