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Taking inspiration from the nature that surrounds as well as the purifying journey which evian® natural mineral water takes through the French Alps, our menu of facials, body scrubs, therapies, journeys and rituals focus on celestial restoration, mineral enrichment, precious nourishment and renewed vitality.

Try our Vitalizing Signature treatment – created exclusively for evian SPA TOKYO – to experience a therapeutic blend of traditional Japanese seitai acupressure-style trigger point work with deep tissue massage. It’s a favorite among spa goers.

*All spa treatment menu pricing & details subject to change without notice

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Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA TOKYO with Model – Close Up – H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA TOKYO – Omnisens Products – HT2

celestial facial

A replenishing facial with brightening mask, leaving your skin soft, supple and aglow.
60 minutes | JPY 24,500

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evian SPA TOKYO Summer 2015 – Anne Semonin White Star Facial – HT2

mineral facial

A completely personalized Made-to-Measure facial based on what your skin needs.
60 minutes | JPY 22,000

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Precious White Star Facial | 60 minutes | JPY 24,500

A radiance-boosting facial using serum enriched with extract of sea lilies (organisms that thrive in the harsh environs of the seashore).

Vitalizing Skin Renew  | 90 minutes | JPY 33,000

A deep cleaning facial incorporating gentle exfoliation to reveal skin that is fresh, smooth and revitalized.

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Celestial Journey | 90 minutes | JPY 26,500

An invigorating back treatment followed by a Made-to-Measure facial. Simply out-of-this-world relaxing.

Mineral Journey | 90 or 120 mins. | JPY 25,000 / 30,000

A choice between five types of scrubs followed by a full-body oil treatment, leaving skin smooth, moist and refined.

Vitalizing Crystal Journey | 90 minutes | JPY 29,000

Refresh and renew your skin with a back massage (with oil) followed by an energizing facial incorporating rose quartz crystal to restore resilience and clarity.

Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA – Origami-Inspired Sculptural Installation – T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA’s Winter 2016 Extreme Comfort Body Wrap – HT2

precious journey

A Made-to-Measure facial and body treatment to restore
well-being and inner calm.
120 minutes | JPY 34,000

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Palace Hotel Tokyo – Swimming Pool – II – T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA – Ladies’ Marble Sauna – HT2

vitalizing signature

Seitai acupressure is applied to trigger points to improve energy flow. 60 / 90 minutes
JPY 20,000 / 23,000

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Celestial Signature | 90 minutes | JPY 36,000

Two therapists perform a synchronized four-handed body treatment to bring you to a deep state of relaxation.

Mineral Wrap Signature | 120 minutes | JPY 33,000

A detoxifying Spirulina wrap rich in iron and B vitamins to boost circulation, with an application of pink kaolin clay to make skin radiant. Combine your choice of body wraps with a scrub and massage treatment.

Precious Signature | 120 minutes | JPY 40,000

This ultimate regenerating facial consists of a radiance serum with diamond powder and a caviar mask enriched with evian water.


Celestial Therapy | 60 or 90 mins. | JPY 20,000 / 23,000

A relaxing body treatment using a blend of natural oils. Helps improve your immune system and boost metabolism.

Mineral Therapy | 60 or 90 mins. | JPY 20,000 / 23,000

A body treatment coupled with the application of a self-heating marine mineral mud to your back, neck and shoulders. Perfect for relaxing muscles and easing tension.

Vitalizing Therapy for Jet Lag | 60 minutes | JPY 20,000

Perfect after a long day of travel, this treatment incorporates high tempo techniques designed to release fatigue, stimulate the senses and revitalize you from head to toe.

Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA – Relaxation Lounge – HT2

precious head spa

A powerful scalp treatment promoting & heightened relaxation. 60 / 90 mins.
JPY 21,000 / 36,000

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Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA – Ceiling Work – T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA TOKYO Anne Semonin Pre-Natal Treatment – H2

pre-natal care

Relaxing Body Therapy | 60 minutes | JPY 20,000

A full-body treatment using oil rich in vitamins from cranberries and olives to nourish skin and promote a sense of total relaxation.

Calming Skin Facial | 60 minutes | JPY 22,000

A moisturizing facial using serum fortified with macadamia nut and chlorella extracts to relieve dryness.

Glowing Mother-to-Be | 90 minutes | JPY 26,500

A gentle facial and body treatment offering an indulgent and energizing experience to prepare you for motherhood.

gentlemen's collection

Deep Purifying Facial | 60 minutes | JPY 22,000

A deep cleansing facial ideal for imbalanced, stressed skin that is congested and prone to breakouts. Your skin will be left feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Oligo Skin Protect | 60 minutes | JPY 19,500

A refreshing facial treatment using oil infused with sage and cypress to balance and restore.

Ultimate Experience | 120 minutes | JPY 38,000

A revitalizing full body treatment based on traditional seitai accupressure combined with a deep cleansing facial with seaweed mask to detox and purify.

evian SPA TOKYO – Anne Semonin Body Products – HT2

express revitalizer

A condensed body and facial treatment for men combining back, scalp and facial cleansing.
60 minutes | JPY 23,000

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Palace Hotel Tokyo – evian SPA TOKYO – Gentlemen’s Sauna – T2

body scrubs & wraps

Pistachio Body Scrub | 30 minutes | JPY 8,500
Black Sand Body Scrub | 30 minutes | JPY 8,500
White Sand Body Scrub | 30 minutes | JPY 8,500
Mineral Salt Body Scrub | 30 minutes | JPY 8,500
Passion Fruit Body Scrub | 30 minutes | JPY 8,500

Pink Kaolin Clay Body Wrap | 30 minutes | JPY 8,500*
Spirulina Body Wrap | 30 minutes | JPY 8,500*
Marine Mineral Mud Wrap | 30 minutes | JPY 8,500*

*Only available as add-ons

foot baths

Aromatic Foot Bath | 15 minutes | JPY 3,500*
Anti-Stress Foot Bath | 15 minutes | JPY 3,500*
Mineral Salt Foot Bath | 15 minutes | JPY 3,500*

*Only available as add-ons

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