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Taking inspiration from the nature that surrounds as well as the purifying journey which evian® natural mineral water takes through the French Alps, our menu of facials, body scrubs, therapies, journeys and rituals focus on celestial restoration, mineral enrichment, precious nourishment and renewed vitality.

Try our Vitalizing Signature treatment – created exclusively for evian SPA TOKYO – to experience a therapeutic blend of traditional Japanese seitai acupressure-style trigger point work with deep tissue massage. It’s a favorite among spa goers.

* Prices are subject to an additional 10% service charge and consumption tax.
* All spa treatment menu pricing & details subject to change without notice.

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A return to our origin, to what is essential and to peace and quiet, to free the mind and discover renewed energy.

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A slow journey to the heart of the matter, to detoxify and revitalize the body.

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The riches of evian® water caters to the signs of aging and
needs of the most demanding skin types.

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Discover a new source of life like the water that bursts from the spring.

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celestial eye care facial

Eye Express Radiance ice cubes from Anne Semonin reduce dark circles, soothe and procure deep relaxation of stressed eyes, hydrate and plump up lines and wrinkles. 75 minutes | JPY 30,000

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mineral facial

A Made-to-Measure facial, personalized according to your skin condition. Lymphatic drainage massage leads you to deep relaxation.
75 minutes | JPY 23,500

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Precious Facial | 90 minutes | JPY 32,500

A lifting massage to relax tense facial muscles, combined with a serum and a mask to nourish and restore, and to promote graceful aging.

Vitalizing Skin Renew | 75 minutes | JPY 29,000

A results-driven, gentle exfoliation using micronized peeling powder and acid emulsion effectively reveals skin that is sleek, smooth and fine-textured.

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Celestial Body | 60 or 90 mins. | JPY 20,000 / 26,000

A relaxing body treatment tailored to your specific needs soothes body and mind.

Mineral Body Therapy | 60 or 90 mins. | JPY 22,000 / 28,000

A marine mineral mud-pack to warm your back, followed by a full-body oil treatment. Relieves muscle tension and promotes relaxation.

Vitalizing Body | 60 or 90 mins. | JPY 20,000 / 26,000

A combination of dry and oil treatments makes you energized and revitalized. Recommended for those who prefer firm pressure.

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precious scrub & body treatment

A full-body oil treatment combined with a body scrub leaves skin smooth and replete with moisture.
90 or 120 mins. | JPY 28,000 / 34,000

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vitalizing four-hand body

A synchronized four-hand treatment performed by two therapists affords a luxurious sense of well-being.
90 minutes | ¥50,000


Celestial Combination | 105 minutes | JPY 36,000

A relaxing back treatment with oil, followed by a Celestial Eye Care Facial and an oil treatment for arms and lower legs while an eye mask is applied.

Mineral Body Treatment & Facial | 105 or 120 mins. | JPY 30,000 / 37,000

A Mineral Facial combined with a body treatment using oil affords total care and brings the body and mind into perfect balance.

Precious Harmony | 120 minutes | JPY 41,000

The combination of full-body oil treatment and lifting facial leaves you feeling renewed and prepared for graceful aging.

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evian SPA TOKYO Ritual | 150 or 180 mins. | JPY 55,000 / 65,000

A combination of facial, body treatment and body scrub tailored to your personal physical and skin condition is the ultimate luxury spa experience.

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executive collection experience

A revitalizing and refreshing treatment featuring dry and oil massage using firm pressure combined with a deep-cleansing facial. Recommended for female guests as well. 120 minutes | JPY 41,000

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gentlemen’s executive collection

Deep Purifying Facial | 75 minutes | JPY 25,000

A refreshing deep-cleansing facial using a marine botanical mask to detox and purify your skin.

Revitalizer| 75 minutes | JPY 23,500

A condensed body and facial treatment combining back and scalp treatment with an express facial cleansing.

ultimate facials

Rose Quartz Brightening Facial | 75 minutes | JPY 25,000

A facial featuring omnisens aging care serum followed by a brightening mask that leaves skin soft and supple for graceful aging.

Rose Quartz Caviar Facial | 75 minutes | JPY 30,000

The ultimate facial using omnisens serum formulated with diamond powder and amino acid-rich caviar mask for graceful aging, restoring elasticity and radiance.

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prenatal care

Prenatal Body Therapy | 60 minutes | JPY 20,000

A gentle body treatment to soothe lower back pain and alleviate swelling associated with pregnancy.

Glowing Mother-To-Be | 75 minutes | JPY 23,000

A back treatment with oil and mini facial provide face and body care in an abbreviated time frame to minimize stress.

*Available for expectant mothers in the stable period of 5-8 months.

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authentic experiences

“warew” Facial | 75 minutes | JPY 22,000

Relying on the traditional Japanese concept of botanical energy, an original head treatment followed by hand massage releases tension from facial muscles.

“warew” Body Treatment | 75 minutes | JPY 20,000

A body treatment based on Asian techniques focuses on measured rhythm and modulation to promote circulation.

“warew” Body Treatment & Facial | 105 minutes | JPY 28,000

Oil treatment for back or lower legs, combined with “warew” facial.

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wedding package

Haute Couture Ceremony | 120 minutes | JPY 48,000

A combination of facial, body treatment and body scrub tailored to your personal purpose to prepare you for your joyous ceremony.

*Available up until a week before the wedding date.


Enhancements may be enjoyed as add-ons to any treatment.

Body Scrub | 30 minutes JPY 10,000
Spirulina Body Wrap | 30 minutes | JPY 10,000
Marine Mineral Mud for the Back | 15 minutes | JPY 4,000
Additional Body Treatment | 30 minutes | JPY 10,000
Additional Head Therapy | 30 minutes | JPY 10,000
Additional Mini Facial | 30 minutes | JPY 14,000

*To book any of the add-on treatments, please email

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