Esterre is a fine dining restaurant showcasing contemporary French haute cuisine in partnership with DUCASSE Paris. Opened in November 2019, the restaurant is listed as a one-star restaurant in “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023.”

A core pillar of the new restaurant is local sourcing. In line with Ducasse’s philosophy of uncovering what high-quality ingredients can be found in a given destination and then applying French culinary techniques to their preparation, Esterre serves up the best produce from Japan.

*Gentlemen are requested to wear jackets.
*Please refrain from casual clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, sandals, and sportswear.
*Children 10 years old and older are welcome to dine with us.

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LOCATION | 6th Floor

DRESS CODE | Smart Elegant
*Gentlemen are requested to wear jackets.

SEATS | 60
3 private dining rooms

T: +81 3 3211 5317

Palace Hotel Tokyo esterre Entrance H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Daytime H2


*All prices are inclusive of consumption tax and subject to an additional 15% service charge.
*Menus and prices are subject to change without notice.


10th anniversary

On May 17, 2022, Palace Hotel Tokyo celebrated its 10th anniversary.

With gratitude to our guests for this past decade in our hearts, we will be offering various restaurant & bar menus in commemoration of this special occasion.

10th Anniversary Wine Selection

A selection of exquisite wines that have aged with Palace Hotel Tokyo over this past decade.
Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to pair with Esterre’s fine cuisine.

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2012 | JPY 7,000 per glass

Château Mouton Rothschild 2012 | JPY 15,000 per glass

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Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Winter 2022 10th Anniversary Wine Selection H2
10th Anniversary Wine Selection
Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Winter 2022 Duckling T2
Duckling from Aomori
Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Winter 2022 Roasted Cauliflower II T2
Roasted Cauliflower

December 1 - February 26

a taste of winter

No Time or Effort is Spared

Aged for a week with thyme, rosemary and bay leaves, duckling from Aomori is sautéed in a cocotte, basted with butter and placed in the oven to roast then finished with aromatic hay smoke.
Served with turnips, radish and black garlic, the rich, wild flavor is maximized by time and effort.

Lunch | from JPY 10,000
Dinner | from JPY 20,000

Duckling from Aomori, turnips and black garlic, crushed tops
Roasted cauliflower, Grand Garde Comté
Chocolate from Alain Ducasse Manufacture in Tokyo and Yagenbori house shichimi

*Menus and prices are subject to change without notice.

private dining

In addition to its main dining area, Esterre features three beautifully appointed private dining rooms.

Available with western-style seating, the fully enclosed spaces are ideal for hosting intimate gatherings.

Seating capacities range from 2 to 10.

Room usage fees range from JPY 11,000 to JPY 22,000.

Please contact us for more details.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Private Dining I H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Table Setting H2


Cancellations of lunch reservations must be received by 11:30 am (local time), and dinner reservations by 6:00 pm (local time) on the day of reservation.

Cancellations of private room reservations must be received by 10:00 pm (local time) one day prior.

No-shows and cancellations received after the above noted times will incur a charge of JPY 5,500 per person for lunch and JPY 11,000 per person for dinner reservations.

And to ensure the timely accommodation of punctual guests, arrivals of more than 30 minutes past the original time reserved will also be considered cancelled.

chefs' profiles

Chef de Cuisine – Kei KOJIMA

Born in 1964 in Tokyo, grew up in Kamakura. Kei trained under Michel Guérard, Alain Chapel and Pierre Gagnaire during his experience in France from 1988. Working together with Alain Ducasse and his right-hand man Franck Cerutti for more than 10 years at Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse in Monaco, Kei was also the Sous-Chef for 3 years. Alain Ducasse says about Kei: “the Japanese chef who understands and carries out my culinary philosophies better than any other chef in the world.” After returning to Japan with this experience and technique, Kei has been the Executive Chef of Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo since 2010, being listed as a Michelin 2-star restaurant for 8 consecutive years. As a leading chef who has embodied Alain Ducasse’s world of cuisine in Japan, he is now taking on a new challenge at Esterre.

Chef Pâtissier – Normand JUBIN

Born in 1996 in Switzerland to a family owning a pastry shop, Normand joined the world of pastry at an early age. In 2018, Normand was appointed Chef Pâtissier at Restaurant Hôtel de Ville, a Michelin 3-starred restaurant in Switzerland. From 2021, Norman worked as a Chef Pâtissier at Pelagos at Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens. With abundant experience despite his young age, Normand delivers desserts with a sense of art and passion.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Chef de Cuisine Kei Kojima T2
Chef de Cuisine Kei Kojima
Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Chef Patissier Normand Jubin T2
Chef Pâtissier Normand Jubin
Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Evening H3
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the palace club

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