Chocolate with an artistic touch

chiyo choco - yumeji takehisa

Yumeji Takehisa, a versatile artist who took the world by storm, is best known for representing the period of “Taisho Romanticism.”

“Takehisa Yumeji: Taisho Romanticism and the New World, An Exhibition Commemorating the 140th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth” will feature a full range of Yumeji’s oil paintings, original drawings, book bindings and designs, mainly from the collection of the Yumeji Art Museum in his hometown of Okayama Prefecture.

Chiyo Choco – Yumeji Takehisa is a work of collaboration between Palace Hotel Tokyo’s signature Chiyo Choco which was created in hopes of “everlasting (chiyo) connection with our guests” using chiyogami papers patterns as a motif, and Yumeji who also designed chiyogami.

Yumeji’s unique way of viewing the world, which still captures the hearts of many today, is depicted in each chocolate. We hope you will enjoy the beauty and flavors of these 2-mm-thin chocolates.

Hotel-exclusive package
Exhibition-exclusive package

When & Where:
June 1 (Sat.), 2024 – March 16 (Sun.), 2025 | Pastry Shop Sweets & Deli (Palace Hotel Tokyo, B1F)
June 1 (Sat.) – August 25 (Sun.), 2024 | Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
September 7 (Sat.) – December 8 (Sun.), 2024 | Yumeji Art Museum (Okayama)
January 18 (Sat.) – March 16 (Sun.), 2025 | Abeno Harukas Art Museum (Osaka)

Price: JPY 4,200 (6 pieces) / JPY 8,000 (12 pieces)
*Inclusive of consumption tax.
*6-piece packages are available in a hotel-exclusive design and an exhibition-exclusive design.
*12-piece packages include 6 patterns with 2 pieces each.

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Tel +81-3-3211-5315



Strawberries were one of Yumeji’s favorite motifs. This design depicting the fruit ripening in two colors amidst the lush foliage was used for the cover of his own art book.
Cacao 32% | Top left of image

Art Deco

The geometric pattern comes from a cover painting for Wakakusa, and the Art Deco-style design is one of the most modern in all of Yumeji’s works.
Cacao 35% | Top middle of image


“Plum” comes from the cover of Wakakusa, a magazine which which Yumeji designed from 1925 to 1934. It captures the plum flower blooming beautifully under the cold sky.
Cacao 70% | Top right of image

Chiyo Choco - Yumeji Takehisa (6 pieces) Package Design
Chiyo Choco - Yumeji Takehisa (12 pieces) Package Design


Another of Yumeji’s favorites, the “Icho (ginkgo)” also adorned one of this art books’ cover. The color palette of ginkgo leaves decorated with ginkgo nuts is distinctively modern.
Cacao 38% | Bottom left of image


An Art Nouveau-style design incorporating curves found in familiar plants and flowers. The repetitive design is illustrated in bright gentle tones.
Cacao 35% | Bottom middle of image


Yumeji’s work includes product designs adding beauty and color to daily life. The charming yet dignified feel of this primrose pattern is characteristic of his designs.
Cacao 34% | Bottom right of image


yumeji takehisa

Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1884, he moved to Tokyo at the age of 16 and established his distinctive style of painting on his own, without formal art education. His lyrical paintings of beautiful women, known as the ‘Yumeji-style’, dominated the art world.
He also demonstrated his talent in the field of graphic design. In addition his self-planned and designed publications, he also designed familiar everyday items such as chiyogami paper and kimonos, which were admired by women of the time.
Also sensitive to overseas art trends, he travelled around Europe and America from 1931, continuously pursuing new forms of expression. He died in 1934.

Snow Wind (cover for The Ladies' Graphic, 1924) | Yumeji Art Museum Collection