February 1 - 14

valentine's day selections

This Valentine’s Day, we’re delighted to present these finest gifts to send to your loved ones.

Meticulously created chocolates under the theme of ‘Glamping’ look as real as can be. Enjoy these luxurious camping items for this special occasion.

Stop by at Pastry Shop Sweets & Deli to take a look for yourself, or purchase at the Palace Hotel Tokyo Online Shop. For inquiries and reservations, please call +81-3-3211-5320.

*All prices are inclusive of consumption tax.
*Online Shop is in Japanese only, and shippings are available only within Japan.
*Some items are limited in number.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Valentines Day 2023 Lanterne II H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Valentines Day 2023 Glamorous Camping II H2
Glamorous Camping

Lanterne | JPY 22,000
This lantern-shaped chocolate with a bright flame buring inside is diligently handmade to make it as real as can be. The French couverture chocolat is well-balanced in bitterness and acidity.

Glamorous Camping | JPY 18,000
A geo-dome tent replicated intricately with white and bronze chocolate down to the texure of the cushions and rugs inside, making you feel like you’re on a glamping trip.

Entonnoir à Café | JPY 3,800
Coffee-flavored truffles and bean-shaped chocolates are set in a coffee dripper made of chocolate. Enjoy with a freshly brewed cup of your favorite coffee.

*Lanterne, Glamorous Camping and Entonnoir à Café are available at Sweets & Deli only.

Chocolat Intense | JPY 7,000
A rich, moist gâteau au chocolat accented with praline chocolat mixed with raspberry and chocolate sablé for a delightful texture.

Chocolat S’mores | JPY 2,200
Inspired by the staple campfire treat, melty caramel and sablé is coated with chocolate and topped copiously with baked marshmallows, caramel and nuts.

Tablette de Chocolat | JPY 2,000
A chocolate bar abundantly decorated with almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Valentines Day 2023 Entonnoir a Cafe H2
Entonnoir à Café
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Valentines Day 2023 Chocolat Intense H2
Chocolat Intense
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Valentines Day 2023 Chocolat Smores T2
Chocolat S'mores
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Valentines Day 2023 Tablette de Chocolat T2
Tablette de Chocolat
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Valentines Day 2023 Superieur 2023 H2
Supérieur 2023

Supérieur 2023 | JPY 6,000
A box set of nine chocolate bonbons handmade by our chocolatier just for this Valentine’s Day, including new creations and classic items.

From upper left:
Miel-Pulpe de Cacao – Honey and cacao pulp is mixed in chocolate ganache for a mellow sweetness.
Pérou / Cacao Blanc – The production of white cacao to the manufacturing of couverture is all done in Peru for this bonbon with a fresh and quality cacao flavor.
Thé Noir / Orange – The fragrance of tea and citrus bitterness brings about a exquisite harmony, decorated with red inspired by tea.
Raisin / Vin – With red wine and raisins with a subtle sweetness, the aroma of grape spreads richly.
Champagne – A heart-shaped bonbon with a refined sweetness.
Shochu – Made with well-aged liquor, this chocolate has an adult flavor almost as if having a drink.
Thé Vert – White chocolate ganache is enclosed in this chocolate bonbon, bringint out the bitterness of the high-quality aromatic Uji Matcha.
Bolivia / Amazone – The wild cacao beans grown in the Amazon River headwaters in Bolivia provides a deep flavor. (A portion of the proceeds will be donated to planting trees.)
Praliné – Enjoy the different textures of Italian nuts; hazelnuts and almonds.

Chiyo Choco ~2023 edition~ | JPY 3,800
Palace Hotel Tokyo is delighted to introduce a new take on its signature Chiyo Choco, designed in collaboration with Japanese illustrator Rooo Lou.

The exclusively designed 2023 limited edition depicts various characters in and around the hotel – from guests from overseas to hotel staff, and an adorable swan from the adjacent moat.

Featuring a variety of flavors ranging from 33% to 70% cacao, the 2mm-thin chocolates are all stylishly packaged in a chic album-style presentation.

* Available year-round

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Chiyo Choco edition 2023 Rooo Lou Collaboration H2
Chiyo Choco ~2023 edition~
Palace Hotel Tokyo Esterre Tablette de Chocolat H2
Tablette de Chocolat by Esterre

Tablette de Chocolat by Esterre | JPY 3,460
Roasted cacao nibs, feuilletine, black rice puffs, and hazelnuts praline are coated with 75% chocolate. The bitterness of the cacao matches perfectly with the crisp texture.

*Also available at French Restaurant Esterre.

Pain de Mie Premier with Gianduja | JPY 1,500
A seasonal version of our signature premium bread Pain de Mie Premier made with rare wheat flour from Hokkaido. Enjoy the roasted aroma of hazelnut and chocolate along with tangy yuzu confit.

*Available at Sweets & Deli only.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Winter 2021 Pain de Mie Premier Gianduja H2
Pain de Mie Premier with Gianduja
Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli Shop H2
Pastry Shop Sweets & Deli