Collaboration Event

essence of japan

*This event has concluded.

From January through March in 2022, a collaboration event with eight of The Ryokan Collection‘s finest member ryokans will take place at Palace Hotel Tokyo.

Ever since its grand opening in 2012, Palace Hotel Tokyo has been host to various events and promotions featuring the culture of Japan. On our 10th anniversary milestone year, with hopes of rediscovering the charm of local traveling and inspiring new travels in Japan, the hotel will be uniting with some of the best ryokans in the country, properties showcasing their refined local cultures.

During the event, Lounge Bar Privé will be offering a series of cocktails created by bartender Akira Miyashita with ideas and carefully selected ingredients from each of the ryokans.
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Palace Hotel Tokyo Exterior with Tatsumi Watchtower II H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo

dinner event details

Every week during the event, a one-night collaboration between the chefs and okamis (proprietresses) of each ryokan and the chefs of Palace Hotel Tokyo will take place, to entertain guests with the authentic tastes of each local destination.

Myojinkan from Matsumoto, Nagano will be pairing with the hotel’s Executive Chef Masatoshi Saito with a French dining course. The other seven ryokans will each come together with the hotel’s Japanese Restaurant Wadakura‘s chef Keiji Miyabe to create exquisite Japanese dinner courses.

Dates: Fridays from January 14 through March 18
Time: 6:00 pm –
Venue: Banquet Room (Room TBD)
Price: JPY 48,000 (inclusive of food, drinks, 10% service charge & consumption tax)
Inquiries and Reservations: +81-3-3211-5326 (10:00 am – 7:00 pm)
* Children 13 years old and older are welcome to dine with us.

Event Schedule

Date Ryokan
January 14, Friday Ryokan Kurashiki (Kurashiki, Okayama)
January 28, Friday Bettei Senjuan (Minakami, Gunma)
February 4, Friday Beniya Mukayu (Yamashiro Onsen, Ishikawa)
February 18, Friday Sumiya (Kyoto)
February 25, Friday Hiiragiya (Kyoto)
March 4, Friday Myojinkan (Matsumoto, Nagano)
March 11, Friday Hotel Ridge (Naruto, Tokushima)
March 18, Friday Zaborin (Niseko, Hokkaido)


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Deluxe Room with Balcony

Special Accommodation Rates

Guests participating in the Essence of Japan event may stay at the hotel at special rates.
Take in the incomparable scenery of the Imperial Palace Gardens and the surrounding Tokyo skyline from your own private balcony.

Room Type Rates
With breakfast
Deluxe King with Balcony (45m2 / 485ft2)
Single occupancy
JPY 60,500
With breakfast
Deluxe King / Twin with Balcony (45m2 / 485ft2)
Double occupancy
JPY 65,340

*Breakfast is available at All-day Dining Grand Kitchen or In-room Dining.
*Prices are per room, per night, inclusive of service charge and consumption tax. (Does not include event ticket, please purchase separately.)
*Tokyo Metropolitan Accommodation Tax (JPY 200 per person, per night) will be levied separately.

the eight ryokans

Ryokan Kurashiki (Kurashiki, Okayama)

Originally the home of a wealthy sugar merchant, Ryokan Kurashiki stands in the center of the lovingly preserved Bikan Historical District. Once used as kura, or warehouses, for tools or sugar, the building now holds eight quaint guestrooms, and guests may also enjoy seasonal cuisine using the freshest ingredients of the Setouchi region.

Bettei Senjuan (Minakami, Gunma)

A secluded ryokan that sits along the Tanigawa River with splendid views of Mount Tanigawa. All of the 18 guestrooms feature private open-air hot spring baths straight from the source. The magnificent scenery of the four seasons and outstanding kaiseki cuisine with select ingredients await guests along with Japanese omotenashi from the heart.

Beniya Mukayu (Yamashiro Onsen, Ishikawa)

A villa-like ryokan that stands encircling the natural garden on a hillslope. The building designed by Kiyoshi Takeyama is open to the garden, with floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the natural world inside. A sense of serene peacefulness flows in the 16 guestrooms, all of which feature private open-air hot spring baths outlooking the mountainside.

Sumiya (Kyoto, Kyoto)

Sumiya is an authentic-style ryokan with a history of over 100 years. Although located in the heart of the city, a tranquil atmosphere awaits guests one step inside the gate. Five traditional tearooms offer a setting for tea ceremonies, an experience that helps deepen the enjoyment and appreciation of the world of tea.

Hiiragiya (Kyoto, Kyoto)

Established in 1818, Hiiragiya stands in the center of the city near Kyoto Imperial Palace. During its history of over two centuries it has been host to many international guests, with 28 uniquely designed guestrooms all in traditional Japanese-style yet combined with contemporary amenities.

Myojinkan (Matsumoto, Nagano)

Nestled in a deep valley and surrounded by the mountains of the Yatsugatake National Park, Myojinkan celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2021. The ryokan is renowned for its therapeutic qualities, with the fresh air, natural and untouched scenery, and truly memorable cuisine.

Hotel Ridge (Naruto, Tokushima)

A 10-guestroom resort that sits within Setonaikai National Park where its location atop a hill provides breathtaking views of the ocean. Dining options exclusive to hotel residents, a French restaurant, spa and hot spring facilities promise a liberating holiday. Guests can enjoy meticulously arranged Japanese kaiseki cuisine with Ridge Wine from the Ridge Vineyards in California.

Zaborin (Niseko, Hokkaido)

Taking inspiration from the Zen meditation word meaning to sit and to forget (坐忘 zabo), and the word for woods (林 rin), Zaborin opened in Niseko in 2015. With an up-close view of Mount Yotei, the hot springs ryokan with just 15 guestrooms is quietly nestled in the Hokkaido wilderness. It is a rare combination of contemporary Japanese luxury and an extraordinary ryokan experience that captures the spirit of the ryokan in a new and relevant way.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Collaboration Essence of Japan Kurashiki H2
Ryokan Kurashiki (Kurashiki, Okayama)
Palace Hotel Tokyo Collaboration Essence of Japan Senjuan H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Collaboration Essence of Japan Beniya Mukayu H2
Beniya Mukayu (Yamashiro Onsen, Ishikawa)
Palace Hotel Tokyo Collaboration Essence of Japan Sumiya H2
Sumiya (Kyoto, Kyoto)
Palace Hotel Tokyo Collaboration Essence of Japan Hiiragiya H2
Hiiragiya (Kyoto, Kyoto)
Palace Hotel Tokyo Collaboration Essence of Japan Myojinkan H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Collaboration Essence of Japan Hotel Ridge H2
Hotel Ridge (Naruto, Tokushima)
Palace Hotel Tokyo Collaboration Essence of Japan Zaborin H2
Zaborin (Niseko, Hokkaido)
Palace Hotel Tokyo Main Lobby H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo

the ryokan collection

Established in 2004, The Ryokan Collection is the world’s first consortium of luxury ryokan traditional Japanese inns and Japanese small luxury hotels.

Currently consisting of 47 ryokan members, representative Japanese inns all of which have passed rigorous inspections, The Ryokan Collection aims to introduce the traditional and authentic culture of ryokans and Japan, as well as welcoming guests from around the world to maintain and inherit the local cultures and to aid in the prosperity of local economy.

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