The Pastry Shop

sweets & deli

At Sweets & Deli, Palace Hotel Tokyo’s very own cake and pastry shop, the chocolates are homemade and the breads freshly baked.

Indeed, many of the sweets, breads and pastries found in the hotel’s various restaurants and lounges can be found here.

It also offers a wide selection of homemade delicacies beautifully packaged to deliver as a gift or bring home as an edible memento of your stay.

Palace Hotel Tokyo | Sweets & Deli | Jams & Juice
Palace Hotel Tokyo Crown | Sweeets and Deli Winter Breads
Hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Location: B1 Level
Delights: Seasonal breads, pastries & sweets
Telephone: +81 3 3211 5315
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December 1 - February 28

winter breads & cakes

In addition to our selection of fresh seasonal breads, this season’s selection of cakes & pastries include:

  • Souvenirs – a condensed milk & strawberry mousse cheesecake
  • Mistique – a yuzu & tea chiboust with hazelnut
  • Harmonie – a pistachio & vanilla cake with a hint of apricot
  • Choux à la Pomme – a maple syrup cookie ‘cream puff’ of
    sauteed apples & Calvados-flavored cream
  • Tonka – a caramel chocolate cake topped with tonka bean cream & macadamia nuts
Palace Hotel Tokyo Crown | Cakes Pastries
Palace Hotel Tokyo Crown | Sweets and Deli | Valentines

February 1-14

valentine's sweets

  • Chapeau – 20 Hakkaisan ‘1-1-1’ sake-flavored chocolate truffles
  • Cigare – a cigar of dark chocolate with white chocolate matches
  • Supérieur – a box of 9 specially selected chocolate bonbons
  • Robe de Chocolat – strawberries dipped in 4 kinds of chocolate
  • Moustache – a chocolate silhouette of a gentleman’s features
  • Tablette de Chocolat – two tablets of chocolate in two flavors, mixed with nuts & berries
Palace Hotel Tokyo Crown | Sweets and Deli | Valentines
Palace Hotel Tokyo Crown | Sweets and Deli | Valentines
Palace Hotel Tokyo Crown | Sweets and Deli | Valentines
Palace Hotel Tokyo Crown | Sweets and Deli | Valentines

A Signature Specialty

壱ノ壱ノ壱 sake cake

Sweets & Deli is delighted to present its original 壱ノ壱ノ壱 (ichi-no-ichi-no-chi) sake cake. The one-of-a-kind creation is infused with our signature 1-1-1 (壱ノ壱ノ壱) Junmai Ginjo sake exclusively made for Palace Hotel Tokyo by Hakkaisan Brewery. JPY 3,600 per cake.

Although the special sake is available for consumption only at the hotel (due to its availability in very limited quantities), the cake makes for a tasteful, original gift unique to Palace Hotel Tokyo.

*The cake measures 5 cm. wide x 27.5 cm. long x 5.5 cm. tall

Palace Hotel Tokyo – Sweets & Deli 1-1-1 Sake Cake –
Crown’s Piano Dessert | Palace Hotel Tokyo


piano chocolat

Smooth milk chocolate and gianduja with hazelnut paste form two delicate layers of chocolate mousse to present an artful and divinely decadent cake.

First presented to Jazz legend Miles Davis at the famed La Pyramide in Vienne, France back in 2003 – Crown restaurant’s collaborative partner – the Piano Chocolat has become a widely recognized and celebrated dessert of Crown’s amongst Tokyoites in the know…

Price: JPY 6,000*

*Pre-orders required at least 3 days in advance
*Custom messages (on white chocolate) available upon request
*The cake measures 14 cm. long x 9.5 cm. wide x 7.5 cm. tall