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In order to allow a secure and pleasant stay for our guests, Palace Hotel Tokyo (the “Hotel”) has set forth the following Hotel Rules in accordance with Article 10 of the Terms & Conditions for Accommodations. We ask for your cooperation in observing these rules. When they are not observed, we may be obliged to refuse the continued occupancy of the room or the use of the Hotel’s facilities. Please note in particular that the guest may also be held liable for damage caused to the Hotel by his/her failure to observe these rules.

1. Use of Guestrooms

(1) A maximum of 3 adult guests may stay overnight in a guestroom, including a child (under 12 years of age) using an extra bed being regarded as an adult guest. However, when a child (under 12 years of age) does not use an extra bed and shares a bed with an adult, a maximum of 4 guests, including the child, may stay overnight in a guestroom.
(2) Please check the map of emergency escape routes from your room that is posted on the guestroom door.
(3) Please use the internal lock and door latch whenever you are in your room, especially when you are sleeping.
(4) Please answer the door with the door latch in place or after checking through the door scope. If you are unsure of the visitor’s identity, please do not open the door, but contact Guest Services for the Guest Relations Manager.
(5) Smoking is not permitted in the guestrooms, including on balconies.
(6) Please do not engage in any other acts that are likely to cause a fire.
(7) Please do not use any equipment that is likely to cause a fire, such as heating and cooking equipment, in the room.
(8) Please do not use your guestroom for any purposes other than for accommodation, such as business activities (commercial photography, etc.) or meetings (exhibitions, social gatherings, etc.) without the Hotel’s permission.
(9) Please do not bring audio equipment, musical instruments, etc. into your guestroom without the Hotel’s permission.
(10) Please do not make significant changes of the condition in your guestroom, such as rearranging the guestroom furnishings, installing fixtures and remodeling, without the Hotel’s permission.
(11) Please receive any food, beverages and other delivery services of external venues outside the Hotel.
(12) Please receive your visitors in the lobby.
(13) Persons who are not registered for accommodation may not stay overnight in a guestroom.
(14) Please understand that an extended stay in the Hotel does not give rise to legal rights relating to residency.
(15) Minors unaccompanied by an adult may not stay without consent of a guardian.

2. Use of Guestroom Balcony

(1) Please do not leave the balcony door open for long hours.
(2) Please make sure to lock the balcony door when leaving your guestroom.
(3) Please do not put or hang anything on the balcony handrail.
(4) Please be careful when going out onto the balcony in bad weather (strong wind, heavy rain, heavy snowfall, etc.).
(5) Please do not leave anything on the balcony including on the tables and chairs.
(6) Please do not leave children unattended on the balcony.
(7) If you would like to restrict children’s access to the balcony, please contact Guest Services. The Hotel will remotely lock the balcony door.
(8) Smoking on the balcony is prohibited.

3. Guestroom Key

(1) When leaving your room, please take your card key with you and make sure the door is locked behind you. (The guestroom door of the Hotel locks automatically.)
(2) When signing for bills at the restaurants, bars and other facilities in the Hotel, please present your card key case.

4. Payments

(1) Please pay your bill at the Reception when you depart. There may be cases when you will be requested to settle your account before your departure date.
(2) You may be requested an advanced deposit at the time of your arrival.
(3) An equipment-usage fee will be added for calls made from the guestroom to numbers outside the Hotel.
(4) Due to a service charge being added to your bill in addition to taxes required by law, it is our policy to decline tips and other gratuities.
(5) The Hotel does not accept any checks including traveler’s checks.

5. Valuables and Unclaimed Articles

(1) Safe-deposit boxes are available at the Reception or in the guestroom to place your cash, securities and other valuables during your stay. The Hotel is not responsible for any cash and valuables lost or stolen unless these items are stored in the safe-deposit boxes. The Hotel does not hold works of art, antiques, etc. for safekeeping.
(2) Lost properties will be kept at the Hotel for a specified period, after which they will be handled in accordance with the Lost Property Act.
(3) Articles that remain unclaimed after a specified period will be treated as items that the owner has no intent of claiming. The Hotel reserves the right to dispose of these articles.

6. Use of Spa Facilities (Fitness Center, Swimming Pool, Treatment Rooms, Sauna and Bath Facilities)

(1) For the comfort of all guests, please refrain from the following acts:
– speaking in loud voices
– making calls, recording videos or taking photos in the Spa Facilities
– bringing food or beverages into the pool area
– jumping into the swimming pool or any other acts deemed dangerous
– behaving in a manner that is of disturbance to others or offensive to public order and morals.
(2) Please store all valuables in the safe-deposit box in the guestroom or at the hotel reception and refrain from bringing any valuables to the Spa Facilities. Please make sure your locker is securely locked before leaving the locker room. The Hotel will not be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of personal belongings stored in a locker.
(3) Individual guests will be held responsible for any damage caused to the Spa Facilities or to other guests, including, but not limited to, the loss of property.
(4) Please refrain from using the Spa Facilities when you are feeling unwell.
(5) You may be asked to cover any tattoos.

7. Dress Code

(1) Please refrain from wearing extremely casual clothing such as, but not limited to, revealing clothing, flip-flops, men’s sleeveless tops (tank tops, running shirts, etc.) in the Hotel. Casual clothing, revealing, torn, or dirty clothing, or items with offensive messages or images may result in refusal of entry to the Hotel.
(2) Please refrain from wearing sleepwear, bathrobes or slippers outside the guestroom. However, you may wear bathrobes and slippers when going directly between the spa area and the guestroom.
(3) At French Restaurant Esterre, gentlemen are requested to wear jackets and to refrain from wearing casual clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, sandals, and sportswear. For summer, jackets are optional but collared shirts are required.

8. Organized Crime Group and its Members and Threat to Public Order

(1) A designated organized crime group and its members, etc. as prescribed in the Law on the Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (enforced on March 1, 1992) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for Expulsion of Organized Crime Groups (enforced on October 1, 2011) shall not be accepted as guests by the Hotel. (If a guest is revealed to be a member of a designated organized crime group after making a reservation with the Hotel or during the use of the Hotel, such guest shall be refused to receive the services of the Hotel from the time such fact is revealed.)
(2) An antisocial organization and its members (i.e. an organized crime group, radical group, etc. and its members) shall not be accepted as guests by the Hotel. (If a guest is revealed to be a member of an antisocial organization after making a reservation with the Hotel or during the use of the Hotel, such guest shall be refused to receive the services of the Hotel from the time such fact is revealed.)
(3) If it is found that a guest has behaved in a manner involving any violent act, threat, blackmail, coercive and unfair request or any similar behavior, such guest shall immediately be refused to receive the services of the Hotel and shall be expelled. A person who has behaved in a similar manner in the past shall also be refused to receive the services of the Hotel.
(4) If a person using the Hotel is deemed to have difficulty in securing his/her own safety, such as the loss of identity due to diminished capacity or drugs, etc., or is likely to inflict danger, fear or unease on other guests, such guest shall immediately be refused to receive the services of the Hotel and shall be expelled.
(5) If a guest of the Hotel is deemed to have engaged in an act similar to those mentioned above, such guest shall be refused to receive the services of the Hotel and shall be expelled.

9. Other Rules

(1) Please do not bring into the Hotel pets such as, but not limited to, animals, and birds and insects (except assistance dogs).
(2) Please do not bring into the Hotel any ignitable or flammable substances such as gunpowder, volatile oil, etc.
(3) Please do not bring into the Hotel any items that may emit bad or strong odors.
(4) Please do not bring into the Hotel any firearms, swords, stimulants, drugs and other articles of which possession is prohibited by laws and regulations.
(5) Please do not gamble or engage in acts that corrupt public morals or cause nuisance to other guests of the Hotel.
(6) Please do not distribute advertising or publicity literature, sell goods, solicit businesses, or engage in other business activities within the Hotel.
(7) Please do not use, without the Hotel’s permission, printed materials containing the name and address of the Hotel, photographs or reproduced pictures of the Hotel building and property in whole or in part and any other rights held by the Hotel such as trademarks and design rights.
(8) Please do not enter facilities that are off-limits to guests such as the emergency stairs, rooftop and machine room unless it is in an emergency or under unavoidable circumstances.
(9) Children 10 years old and older are welcome to dine with us at French Restaurant Esterre.
(10) Please refrain from eating, drinking, dozing, and sleeping in the lobby and public areas.
(11) Please refrain from posting photos and videos of the Hotel on social networking sites for commercial purposes.

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