Lounge Bar Privé

Located on the sixth floor of Palace Hotel Tokyo, Lounge Bar Privé offers a chic, intimate perch from which to take in views of the Imperial Palace gardens by day and the surrounding city skyline by night – complete with an outdoor terrace perfect for cocktails underneath the Tokyo sky.

*Please refrain from casual clothing such as beach sandals and men’s sleeveless shirts. Guests in casual attire may be asked to refrain from entering the restaurant.
*Please refrain from using laptops at the counter. If you wish to use your laptops, please take a table seat.

*Seating may be limited to 1.5 hours.
*Children under the age of 10 are welcome to dine with us until 5:00 pm. Click here to view our policy on child guests.

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LOCATION | 6th Floor

DRESS CODE | Smart Casual

SEATS | 51 indoors
25 outdoors
*Non-smoking until further notice (including the terrace)

T: +81 3 3211 5319

Palace Hotel Tokyo Lounge Bar Privé Entrance T2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Lounge Bar Prive Seasonal Bento Soso Winter H2


*All prices are inclusive of consumption tax and subject to an additional 15% service charge.
*Menus and prices are subject to change without notice.


10th anniversary

On May 17, 2022, Palace Hotel Tokyo celebrated its 10th anniversary.

With gratitude to our guests for this past decade in our hearts, we will be offering various restaurant & bar menus in commemoration of this special occasion.

10th Anniversary Cocktail Blooming | JPY 2,200
Available June 1 (Wed.) through December 31 (Sat.)

10th Anniversary Special Bento “Soso Takumi” | JPY 8,000
Available September 1 (Thu.) through 30 (Fri.)

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2012
Glass JPY 7,000 / Bottle JPY 48,300
Available September 1 (Thu.) through November 30 (Wed.)

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Palace Hotel Tokyo Royal Bar 10th Anniversary Cocktail Blooming T2
10th Anniversary Cocktail Blooming
Palace Hotel Tokyo Lounge Bar Prive 10th Anniversary Dom Perignon T2
Dom Pérignon Vintage 2012
Palace Hotel Tokyo Lounge Bar Prive Autumn 2022 Afternoon Tea H2

September 1 - November 30

a taste of autumn

An Autumn Afternoon of Inventive Delicacies

The pastry chef from French Restaurant Esterre introduces a touch of Japanese essence to produce delicious afternoon tea delicacies with less sugar, less salt and less fat. Try a tartlet of butternut squash and dried mullet roe, a velouté of cauliflower and hazelnuts, a raspberry roll cake with peppermint accent…

Autumn Afternoon Tea | JPY 6,000
With a glass of Champagne ¥8,400 / Premium Tea Menu JPY 8,600

Available September 1 (Thu.) through November 30 (Wed.)
Hours: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm
*Afternoon Tea will not be served on Mondays and Tuesdays (except for public holidays) until further notice.
*Afternoon Tea seating is limited to 2.5 hours.
*Advance reservation is required.

The Fragrance and Flavor of Autumn Bounty

A refreshing breath of autumn that will soothe your spirit. Enjoy a relaxing autumn teatime with these flavorful beverages.

Iced Hojicha Latte | JPY 2,200
A Privé original menu with the rich flavor and savory aroma of hojicha.

Muscat & Mint Iced Tea | JPY 2,200
The harmony of fresh muscat aroma and tea leaves is representative of autumn.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Lounge Bar Prive Autumn 2022 Flavors of Autumn Autumn Cocktails H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Lounge Bar Prive Autumn 2022 Autumn Cocktails H2

Autumn Seasonal Cocktails

Kyoho Grape & Earl Grey Sidecar | JPY 3,800
A rich cocktail with Nagano Purple, a kyoho grape variety original to Nagano, and autumn-picked Darjeeling Earl Grey.

Shine Muscat Grape & White Flower Martini | JPY 3,800
Shine muscat, elderflower and chamomile create a refreshing fragrance.

Available September 1 (Thu.) through October 31 (Mon.)

Bartender's Story

bartender akira miyashita

Honing his skills since the former Palace Hotel, Akira Miyashita has accumulated numerous awards, including the grand prix in the whisky category of Suntory The Cocktail Award.

Creating cocktails that highlight seasonal ingredients, he contributes to the evolution of bar culture in Japan.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Bartender Akira Miyashita H2
Bartender Akira Miyashita