7 February 2020

suspension of airport limousine bus service

Dear Guest,

Due to the Tokyo Marathon 2020 being held on 1 March 2020, a large scale city-wide traffic restriction will take place and airport limousine bus services will be suspended for buses arriving to / departing from the hotel during the event.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and thank you in advance for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Date & Time: 1 March 2020

The following buses will be suspended:

  • From Palace Hotel Tokyo

– to Haneda Airport (arrival time at International Terminal)
11:10a.m. (12:35p.m.)
1:10p.m. (2:35p.m.)

– to Narita Airport (arrival time at Terminal 3)
9:45a.m. (11:40a.m.)
11:45a.m. (1:40p.m.)
12:45p.m. (2:40p.m.)
1:45p.m. (3:40p.m.)
2:45p.m. (4:40p.m.)
4:15p.m. (6:10p.m.)

  • To Palace Hotel Tokyo

– from Haneda Airport International Terminal (arrival time at hotel)
1:15p.m. (2:05p.m.)
3:55p.m. (4:45p.m.)

– from Narita Airport Terminal 3 (arrival time at hotel)
8:05a.m. (9:55a.m.)
9:55a.m. (11:40a.m.)
11:40a.m. (1:15p.m.)
12:35p.m. (2:10p.m.)
1:25p.m. (3:00p.m.)
2:25p.m. (4:00p.m.)

Please view the Tokyo Marathon 2020 Official Website for more information.