10th Anniversary

special menus

The Skills on Display Demonstrate Appreciation

On May 17, 2022, Palace Hotel Tokyo celebrated its 10th anniversary.

With gratitude to our guests for this past decade in our hearts, we will be offering various restaurant & bar menus in commemoration of this special occasion.

Restaurants & Bars:

・All-day Dining Grand Kitchen (1F)
・Japanese Restaurant Wadakura (6F)
・Main Bar Royal Bar (1F)
・Lobby Lounge The Palace Lounge (1F)
・Lounge Bar Privé (6F)
・Pastry Shop Sweets & Deli (B1F)

*Click here for the latest information on hours of operation.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Main Lobby H2
Palace Hotel Tokyo Grand Kitchen Autumn 2022 10th Anniversary Prix Fixe H2
10th Anniversary Prix Fixe Menu

All-day Dining

grand kitchen

Supreme Satisfaction Ensured

Caprese with selected ingredients, the rich flavor of zuwai crab. Mi-cuit salmon carefully prepared, and a beautiful dessert to finish off.
Enjoy a full-course menu made with the chef’s commitment to excellence.

10th Anniversary Prix Fixe Menu
Lunch | JPY 8,000 / Dinner | JPY 11,000
Available September 1 (Thu.) through November 30 (Wed.)

Reservations | Grand Kitchen
Tel: +81 3 3211 5364

Japanese Restaurant


Unlimited Pleasure

A full-course feast of seasonal delicacies, in commemoration of this celebratory occasion.

10th Anniversary Full-course Kaiseki | JPY 30,000

Available May 20 (Fri.) through December 27 (Tue.)

Inquiries & Reservations | Wadakura
Tel: +81 3 3211 5322

Palace Hotel Tokyo Wadakura 10th Anniversary Kaiseki H2
10th Anniversary Kaiseki
Palace Hotel Tokyo Royal Bar 10th Anniversary Cocktail Blooming IV H2
10th Anniversary Cocktail Blooming

bars & lounges

Enticing Flavor and Bouquet

A clear and sharp tasted cocktail with a flowery Japanese aroma that comes from the hotel original branded sake ‘Ichi-no-ichi-no-ichi’ at the base. One sip will sweep your mind away to the abundant nature of the surrounding Imperial Palace gardens.

10th Anniversary Cocktail Blooming | JPY 2,200
*Inclusive of consumption tax and subject to an additional 15% service charge

Available June 1 (Wed.) through December 31 (Sat.)

The Palace Lounge (1F) / Royal Bar (1F) / Lounge Bar Privé (6F)
*Available from May 17 (Tue.) at Lounge Bar Privé

Raise a Celebratory Glass

The 2012 vintage is the same year as the opening of Palace Hotel Tokyo. Fresh, fruity and full-flavored, the various qualities create an exquisite harmony.

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2012 | Glass   JPY 7,000 / Bottle   JPY 48,300
Available September 1 (Thu.) through November 30 (Wed.)

Lounge Bar Privé (6F)

Palace Hotel Tokyo Lounge Bar Prive 10th Anniversary Dom Perignon H2
Dom Pérignon Vintage 2012
Palace Hotel Tokyo Lounge Bar Prive Autumn 2022 Soso Takumi H2
10th Anniversary Special Bento "Soso Takumi"

Lounge Bar

lounge bar privé

A Graceful Interpretation

The colorful cuisine of Japanese Restaurant Wadakura is arranged in a four-tiered bento box. This special version celebrating our anniversary features a gorgeous Chirashi-sushi and various seasonal delicacies.

10th Anniversary Special Bento “Soso Takumi” | JPY 8,000
Available September 1 (Thu.) through September 30 (Fri.)

Inquiries & Reservations | Lounge Bar Privé
Tel: +81 3 3211 5319
* Reservation required by 5:00 pm one day prior.

Pastry Shop

sweets & deli

10th Anniversary Tiramisù | JPY 1,650
Size | φ12cm×H3cm

This Italian dessert has been served at Palace Hotel since the 1980s.
The authentic recipe was brought in and taught directly by a chef invited from Italy for an Italian fair held in one of the restaurants at the time, which amazed the hotel chefs with its rich and flavorful taste of Mascarpone cheese and Marsala wine. Since then, the recipe has been passed down through the pastry chefs.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we have restored this popular dessert to its original design, in the shape of the swan symbolizing the hotel-side moat.

Available from June 1 (Wed.)
Sweets & Deli (B1F)
* For takeout only

Palace Hotel Tokyo Sweets Deli 10th Anniversary Tiramisu H2
10th Anniversary Tiramisù